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Love plants? So do we.

Candide is the best tool for plant lovers and gardeners alike, whether you're a beginner or an expert. Identify, buy and care for plants all with Candide’s help.
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Buy tickets and memberships to visit inspiring public gardens near you.
Identify plants and flowers in seconds from a single photo. Learn everything you need to care for your plants with the help of our extensive plant knowledge. Enjoy our range of seasonal articles, and guides – they’re filled with tips to help your garden grow.


Sit back after a day in the garden with our weekend reads written by experts and members of the community.
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A close up of a flower


It is high summer and the garden is ablaze with vibrant colour. January is the perfect time to re-assess your garden and plan...
A vase of flowers on a table

Festively Frozen

A stack of pamphlets next to a book shelf

Best Reads of 2021

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Fruit Ice Cream Recipes



Join a growing community of gardeners who share knowledge, inspiration and questions.

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Places and tours

Find gardens and nurseries near you and discover hidden secrets with our selection of audio tours.

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Knowledge and Advice

Visit our visual database of plant records, to learn what might be suitable for your home and garden.

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Featured Plants

Some patterned Goeppertia plants in a garden

Prayer Plant

Goeppertia spp.

Cobweb Spiderwort

Tradescantia sillamontana

A green and cream white leaved Dieffenbachia 'Camille' plant

Dumb Cane 'Camille'

Dieffenbachia 'Camille'

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Who is Candide for?

In a word, everyone. The horticulturist, head gardeners, budding young green fingers, amateur gardeners, allotment fans, the urbanista, pot to plate enthusiasts, house plant aficionados, we could go on!

Built by gardeners for gardeners, Candide is transforming the way we interact with our gardens because gardening is the root of all happiness.


I love Candide because on it I can share my gardening joys and woes, get answers, give answers, be inspired and learn. It’s so rewarding to share with others who have the same passion!


The photography is beautiful with lots of child friendly information. What I really like, though, is not only is there info on common plant related problems, but you can ask for help and advice on your own plants and the community will reply.


I’ve grown up in a gardening family, and the Candide app is giving me the chance to explore the joys of plants in a different way, connecting with other outdoor lovers across the world!