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Butterfly Pea Tea

Published on May 23rd 2018

by CandideUK. All rights reserved

A close up of a flower
There are many kinds of incredible and colourful flowers that are made into herbal teas and tisanes, but one stands alone as a truly unique specimen and that is Butterfly Pea Flower tea.
The Butterfly Pea flower (Clitoria ternatea) and the tea originate from South-East Asia where countries have been drinking a mixture of the butterfly-pea flower and dried lemongrass for centuries. When steeped in warm to hot water, the butterfly pea flower turns the water blue.
The excitement is in the colour which is ph sensitive. Squeeze in some lemon or add in a bit of citrus juice, and the blue changes to purple.
A close up of a blue Clitoria ternatea flower and some green leaves on the ground

Blue Butterfly Pea

Clitoria ternatea