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Away with the winter greys!

Published on June 15th 2020
A close up of a flower
If your winter garden is looking a little dull or you're in need of some colourful inspiration, there's no better place to look for it than right here in our community.
Besides the beautiful blooms of the Holiday cacti decorating gardens, patios and the indoors, there are a few special flowering plants that are also making quite the statement in the gardens of fellow community members. Here are a few of our favourites:


A close up of a flower
Photo by @SLD70.
Aloes are a must-have in the winter garden. They have the ability to transform the landscape to a spectacular show with their orange candle-like flowers presenting a feast for birds and other wildlife.
To learn more about aloes, aloe pests and where to buy them, have a look at the article below.
Aloe in flower

Exotic Succulents | Aloes and Aloe hybrids


A close up of a flower

Aloe pests and diseases


A close up of a flower

Succulent Shopping: Where to Buy?


Community posts:


Incredible. My first visit to Rooiklip Nursery and I couldn’t have chosen a better time with all the aloes in flower. Do stop by if you find yourself in the area - Swellendam. They sell an incredible selection of Aloes, Cycads and succulents.


Aloe ferox. Flowering for the first time in our garden since planting about 3 years ago. #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantsmakepeoplehappy

Update - last posted pics of this bed 25 days ago, when some of autumn-flowering aloes were finishing their run, and most of the winter-flowering aloes (in this bed) were still in bud. Took these pics 2 days ago, and am holding thumbs that some of the remaining buds survive the cold weather, to flower later in the month. Stay safe, stay warm, and a good weekend to all. #floweringaloes #mothernature


Hybrid Aloe So I rescued a hybrid davyana about 2 years ago. It just pushed out its 1st flowers so will finally be able to pinpoint the parentage. Looks like a possible davyana x maculata, but will have to confirm. When a hybrid sneaks in to species cultivation, some nurseries will merely sell it as a hybrid without a cultivar name. They are a bit cheaper, but equally breathtaking.


Aloe speciosa. Flowers are just forming, but so beautiful when they open.


An Aloe tree just coming in to flower. Our neighbour has several of them.


Aloe Aborescence flowering at Judges Walk..the flowers more stybby and light peach in colour compared to the orange aborescence🌾🐝


A close up of a flower
Photo by @SUBotGar.
Camellias have an extended flowering season from early autumn through to spring, which means you can enjoy their beautiful blooms all throughout winter. There are numerous colour varieties available as well. By selecting cultivars that bloom at different stages you can enjoy their beauty for a longer period of time.
To learn more about growing camellias, dig into the article below.
Community posts:

Cymbidium and Oncidium orchids

A vase of flowers on a table
Photo by @CarmenWolf1.
It's no secret that Cymbidium orchids are known as the queen of the winter indoor flowers. The cooler winter nights initiate flowering in Cymbidium orchids and they will continue providing indoor delight until early spring.
Oncidium orchids (Dancing lady orchid) are also forming flower buds and will soon burst open to reveal their dainty flowers. Have a look at @suzanneheynspieters' Oncidium orchid in bloom in the post below.
A close up of a flower
Photo by @suzanneheynspieters.

Impala lilies

A close up of a flower
Photo by @Nate-Adenium.
The most decorative of all succulents, the Impala lily creates a spectacular show when in full bloom. They grow very well in containers and they can easily be propagated by cuttings.
Check out @Nate-Adenium's incredible Adeniums in flower in the posts below.
Tip | Save this article as a reminder of what to plant in autumn or spring to ensure a colourful display come winter!

If you have any or all of these exquisite flowers growing in your garden, or perhaps other flowers that are brightening up the winter greys, share them with us by using the hashtag #WinterColour!

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