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Stay Local and Help Budding Plant Businesses Through Covid-19

Published on June 12th 2020

by CandideUK. All rights reserved

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As the UK starts to ease restrictions, we’re on a mission to help the plant community start blooming once again and support smaller businesses through this time. We know buyers and sellers have all been affected differently by the recent lockdown, and while garden centres have been allowed to open, many smaller plant shops, nurseries and local markets will be forced to remain closed, as they cannot open with social distancing in place.
Here’s how you can buy from budding plant businesses that need your support and shop locally (and safely) for your next plant purchase.

Keeping it local

Communities have really come together the past few months, and we’re not ready to let that go! We’ve loved getting to know our neighbours better (from afar) and supporting those nearby.
Next time you’re looking for something plant related locally, check Candide Marketplace to see what your neighbours have available first. You’ll save on delivery costs, help give back to your local community, and get to know other plant lovers around you. Listings are sorted by "Nearest first" by default, so you can easily see what's around you.
Neighbour plant pick up Candide Marketplace

Arrange a safe contactless collection on Candide Marketplace

Found a new plant nearby? Arrange a convenient place to meet for a socially distant exchange. Before you arrange this, please carefully consider the following guidelines to safely complete your purchase in person.
Our guidelines for a contactless collection:
  • Always remember to wash your hands before and after meeting, and avoid touching your face (eyes, mouth, and nose).
  • Pay using Paypal (or another digital payment service, like Monzo) via the Candide Marketplace messaging service to avoid taking cash payments. Here's our guide to taking payment through Candide. If you’re using cash, place in an envelope to keep it simple and reduce the risk of handling money.
  • Try to avoid unnecessary travel by having only one person leave their home to complete the purchase e.g. meet at someone’s home address.
  • Or if you'd feel more comfortable, meet in an open public space, but check that you can safely maintain a distance of at least two metres from others.
  • Consider wearing a face mask or covering, if you’re meeting in a public place.
  • Stay home if you don’t feel well, and do not meet up if you or someone in your household displays symptoms of coronavirus or other respiratory illnesses.
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Selling Safely Through Covid-19


Find a plant drop near you

We’ve seen some great plant drops happening through Candide Marketplace in the last few months, with sellers offering a free home delivery service right to your doorstep. Could this be the “new norm” going forward?
There’s nothing better than opening your door to find a new leafy parcel waiting for you, and the plants themselves are much happier on arrival too.
Plant drop Candide Marketplace

Consider offering a little something towards petrol for plant drops

Some sellers will offer local home delivery for free, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t cost them anything to offer this service! Consider rounding up your purchase price a pound or two to help them cover their costs.

Share your new Marketplace items with others

Don’t forget to share your new purchase with others, using the hashtag #Marketplace in Candide. It really helps to boost a plant business's presence. Remember to tag their username so people can find their Candide shop, in case they fancy getting one too.
Candide Marketplace
Go one step further and share your latest buy on social media. Try to find their handle to tag their business (and tag us too, we love to see what you've bought from Candide!).

Order from Candide sellers with UK delivery

The good news is that many on the Marketplace now also offer UK delivery, so you can buy from small businesses elsewhere too. Thankfully the postal service is under less strain now, so your plants should arrive safe and sound without any major delays. We’d always suggest that you pay for your plants to be sent first class, so they’ll only be boxed up for a day or two.
If a seller doesn’t mention postage in their description, just drop them a message to ask. Most are more than happy to deliver their plants where possible, for a small charge to cover their costs.

Our mission to support budding plant sellers

We're on a mission to help elevate plant businesses and connect our community with plants they love, and local sellers they can support. It's completely free for sellers to list on the Marketplace, so they can just focus on growing their business.
It's not just businesses who can make money from selling on the Marketplace though - anyone can boost their income, if funds are a little tight right now. Whether you have plants to rehome, a crafty skill that can make some pots or plants hangers, or an enviable plant collection for cuttings, head over to Marketplace in the Candide app to create your first listing and start selling.

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