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Indoor Plant | Love Palm

Published on February 27th 2020

by CandideUK. All rights reserved

A close up of a flower
Roses are red, violets are blue, if you give me a Love Palm, our love must be true.

Love palm

Chamaedorea elegans
Common names | Parlour Palm, Bamboo Palm, Areca Palm, Good-Luck Palm, Dwarf Mountain Palm
Family | Arecaceae
Originally from Mexico, this palm is a small and slow-growing plant, making it the perfect gift. It has lush dark green leaves that grow initially in clusters and then when mature, arch away from its stems. It can grow up to 1m in height and can produce yellow flowers.
A plant in a pot
One of its common names 'Parlour palm' is due to the fact that it was incredibly fashionable for Victorians to keep these palms in their parlours, where they would entertain their guests. And the reason it does so well indoors is that these plants tolerate low light - place one of these babies in a dark corner and watch them brighten up your space.
A plant in a pot
The Love Palm is also known to help purify the air. This is a great help if you want to have plants that remove toxins in your space.

Growing Love Palms

Your Love Palm needs indirect light - if it gets too close to direct sunlight its leaves might start to brown. In terms of its watering needs, water the plant once its soil is completely dry and make sure it has sufficient drainage for the water to run off.
Try fertilizing your Love Palm once every two weeks and only repot it once it's too big for its container. For optimal growth conditions, and to ward off spider mites and other pests, you might want to increase the humidity and spray it with water every now and then.
A pink flower with green leaves

For more information about the Love Palm, make sure to check out its plant profile below!

Parlour Palm

Chamaedorea elegans

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