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Top 10 Wishlist Plants for 2021

Published on January 3rd 2021
A close up of a flower
We scoured the net for weird and wonderful plants to make your heart skip a beat. Everything from local to exotic, succulent to tropical, there is a list for everyone!
I am taking things up a notch by including both accessible (on the market) and only-for-the-eyes picks. Some are therefore for the connoisseur and can be appreciated from afar in all their glory, whilst others can make it into your pot at home. Enjoy!

Beginners list

To kick it off, we will start with some golden oldies for new plant parents who have spent 2020 finding their feet. The learning curb can be steep, but sometimes success with one plant is all you need to keep smiling.
Here are our picks:
A green Syngonium podophyllum plant in a pot on a table

Arrowhead Vine

Syngonium podophyllum

Lipstick Plant 'Japhrolepis'

Aeschynanthus 'Japhrolepis'

A close up of a green and white leaved Scindapsus pictus 'N’Joy' plant

Pothos N'Joy

Scindapsus pictus 'N’Joy'

Tillandsia magnusiana

Tillandsia magnusiana

A hand holding a pot of Rhaphidophora tetrasperma against a white background

Mini Monstera

Rhaphidophora tetrasperma

A close up of a Flaming Sword plant Vriesea splendens

Flaming Sword

Lutheria splendens

A close up of a potted Monstera adansonii plant with green holey leaves

Monstera Monkey Leaf

Monstera adansonii

Rabbit Foot Fern

Davallia solida var. fejeensis

String of Needles

Ceropegia linearis

Crocodile Fern

Microsorum musifolium 'Crocodyllus'

Banana tree leaves

Aroid & Tropical Houseplants

To kick of the list of lists, we compiled some weird and wonderful tropical plants to satisfy your inner Tarzan/Jane.
  • Columnea microcalyx
  • Alpinia rugosa
  • Manihot grahamii
  • Persicaria microcephala ‘Red dragon’
  • Amydrium zippelianum
  • Anthurium podophyllum
  • Microsorum thailandicum
  • Tillandsia roezlii

Hoya lovers

Oh yes, you love your Hoya but are wondering what to choose when faced with the long list of unusual names.
Here are our top 10 picks:
  • Hoya 'Monette'
  • H. spartioides
  • H. verstegii
  • H. praetorii
  • H. hypolasia
  • H. inflata
  • H. kanyakumariana
  • H. paulshirleyi
  • H. ranauensis
phaleanopsis orchid

Orchid lovers

From corrugated leaves to large blooms, 2021 is the best time to experiment with new and wonderful species.
Here are our top 10 picks:
  • Paphiopedilum 'Hung Sheng Eagle'
  • Angraecum distichum
  • Lockhartia lunifera
  • Acianthera prolifera
  • Goodyera pubescens
  • Trisetella hoeijerii
  • Pleurothalllis melanopoda
  • Pleurothallis truncata
  • Dendrobium lichenastrum
  • Lepanthes calodictyon
delosperma succulent flower

Succulent lovers

It is always hard to single out a handful of plants, but here is a list you might not have come across before.
  • Ceropegia buchananii
  • Lithops otzeniana
  • Larryleachia marlothii formerly Lavrania
  • Tridentea gemmiflora
  • Euphorbia greenwayi
  • Anelsonia eurycarpa
  • Euphorbia suzannae-marnierae
  • Tanquana prismatica

Cacti lovers

Spikey wonders with a twist…Be it strange geometric patterns or fabulous blooms, this list has it all:
  • Frailea chiquitana
  • Tephrocactus bonnieae
  • Eriosyce glabrescens
  • Gymnocalycium bodenbenderianum
  • Rebutia canigueralii
  • Aztekium ritteri
  • Rebutia heliosa
  • Pelecyphora aselliformis
  • Mammillaria luethyi
watsonia bulbs

Bulb lovers

South Africa is home to a staggering amount of bulbs. Why not join the Indigenous Bulb Association of South Africa and swap some beautiful indigenous bulbs?
  • Albuca concordiana
  • Gethyllis villosa
  • Ammocharis tinneana
  • Clivia Gunston x Star Green
  • Lachenalia comptonii
  • Lachenalia suaveolens
  • Moraea atropunctata

Old is just as important as new. Share with us your favourite plant at the moment!

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