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A picture of a Leopard Orchid

Leopard Orchid

Ansellia africana

Also known as

African Ansellia, Imfeyenkawu

Photo by Going.Local (All rights reserved)

Full Sun
Easy care
Moderate watering


USDA zone


Minimum temperature

Expected size









  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

This plant has a mild fragrance

More images of Leopard Orchid

A photo of Leopard Orchid
A photo of Leopard Orchid
A photo of Leopard Orchid
A photo of Leopard Orchid
A photo of Leopard Orchid

Leopard Orchid Overview

A magnificent large orchid, this perennial epiphytic plant is found growing in clumps attached to trees. It has white needle-like aerial roots that form a basket like structure which catches decaying leaves for the plant to feed on. If given the right conditions and plenty of bright light, this orchid will flower prolifically. The flowers appear during Spring and are yellow with brown or maroon spots. ZA Distribution: KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga.

Common problems with Leopard Orchid

Scale, red spider mite, mealybug

How to harvest Leopard Orchid

Flowers can be cut for the vase - it will last around 10 days.

How to propagate Leopard Orchid


Cut through the rhizome which connects the pseudobulb using a sterile knife or cutters. Make sure that each section has at least three pseudobulbs.

Special features of Leopard Orchid

Attracts useful insects

Hawk moths visit the fragrant flowers at night.

Attracts birds

Eagle owls have been observed making a nest in a large clump of the orchid.

Pot plant

Attractive flowers

Colours range from green to yellow with brown to maroon spots.

Other uses of Leopard Orchid


Zulus make a tea from the pseudobulb which is used as an emetic, and the Pedi use it to suppress coughing in young children.


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