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A picture of a Red-And-Green Cobra Lily

Red-And-Green Cobra Lily

Chasmanthe bicolor

Also known as

Two-Colour Chasmanthe, Two-Colour Cobra Lily, Suurkanol, Suurkanolpypie (Afr.)

Chasmanthe bicolor by Rafael Medina (

Full Sun
Easy care
Moderate watering


USDA zone


Minimum temperature

Expected size








2 years to reach maturity


  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

This plant has a mild fragrance

More images of Red-And-Green Cobra Lily

A photo of Red-And-Green Cobra Lily
A photo of Red-And-Green Cobra Lily
A photo of Red-And-Green Cobra Lily
A photo of Red-And-Green Cobra Lily
A photo of Red-And-Green Cobra Lily

Red-And-Green Cobra Lily Overview

This species is a winter growing ornamental, and as the name suggests, can be identified from other Chasmanthe varieties by its two coloured flowers. Once it's planted in the backdrop of any garden, it tends to accentuate other smaller species in front of it. When it is planted, it prefers not to be disturbed for several years. ZA Distribution: Western Cape.

Common problems with Red-And-Green Cobra Lily

This plant doesn't have many pests or diseases, but it tends to struggle in the wild, as it grows better in cultivation.

    Red-And-Green Cobra Lily Companion Plants

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    How to harvest Red-And-Green Cobra Lily

    Pick flowers in the winter months to create beautiful winter arrangements. Harvest seeds after flower in Spring and store until Autumn.

    How to propagate Red-And-Green Cobra Lily


    This species's seed viability varies as this plant grows better by division of the corms.


    Breaking up of the corms during the dormant period is the ideal time. Although it will continue to bloom for years without division, dividing clumps every three to four years will increase flowers.

    Special features of Red-And-Green Cobra Lily

    Attracts birds

    The Two-colored Cobra Lily attracts nectar drinking sunbirds.

    Drought resistant

    This plant has a dormant period during the summer months and re-emerges in Autumn. Ideal for xeriscaping in a winter rainfall area.

    Wet sites

    Thrive in wetlands, even when areas go dry in summer.

    Pot plant

    Other uses of Red-And-Green Cobra Lily


    This plant can be used to bring much needed colour to those difficult semi-shaded areas in the garden. It can also be used as a container plant.