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A picture of a Kouga River Gasteria

Kouga River Gasteria

Gasteria glauca

Also known as

Kouga-Beestong, Vaalbeestong (Afr.)

Photo by white_snowberry (All rights reserved)

Full Shade
Easy care
Light watering


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Minimum temperature

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  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

This plant has no fragrance

Kouga River Gasteria Overview

Gasterias are part of the Aloe family. The very small plants with interesting leaves have edible flowers that make them different from the rest of the Aloe family. The shape of the flowers reminds of a stomach, which is the origin of the latin name 'Gasteria'. Wonderful waterwise potplants too! They are clusterforming on cliffs in the natural habitat. ZA Distribution: Eastern Cape.

Common problems with Kouga River Gasteria

Pest and disease free if not overwatered. Aphids in the crown can disturb the growth.

    How to harvest Kouga River Gasteria

    Pick flowers fresh to nibble on. To harvest seed pick the whole inflorescence and place in a dry bag. The capsule will have time to mature.

    How to propagate Kouga River Gasteria


    Sow seed fresh. Germination within 3 weeks! Use a sandy soil mixture.


    Tear leafs off the plant and place in dry enviroment to heal (like a windowsil) . Place in well-draining sand mix to root.

    Special features of Kouga River Gasteria

    Drought resistant

    Once established it will endure severe drought.

    Pot plant

    The interesting leaves make them popular as potplants that do not mind the low light inside buildings.

    Attracts birds

    Sunbirds are the pollinators.

    Attractive leaves

    Rough leaves

    Other uses of Kouga River Gasteria


    The flowers of Gasterias are edible.