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A picture of a Silver Bush Everlasting

Silver Bush Everlasting

Helichrysum petiolare

Also known as

Herbal Helichrysum, Bedding Helichrysum, Everlasting, Licorice Plant, Trailing Dusty Miller, Kooigoed (Afr.), Imphepho (Xhosa)

Photo by CandideUK (All rights reserved)

Full Sun
Easy care
Light watering


USDA zone


Minimum temperature

Expected size








3 months to reach maturity


  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

This plant has a mild fragrance

More images of Silver Bush Everlasting

A photo of Silver Bush Everlasting
A photo of Silver Bush Everlasting
A photo of Silver Bush Everlasting
A photo of Silver Bush Everlasting
A photo of Silver Bush Everlasting

Silver Bush Everlasting Overview

Helichrysum petiolare is an attractive, evergreen subshrub and grows up to 1 metre in height, producing aromatic grey-green, rounded leaves and small creamy-white clusters of flowers with yellow centres from spring to summer. Indigenous to South Africa, it is part of the daisy family (Asteraceae), and is one of the best-known Helichrysums. This hardy shrub is extremely waterwise due to numerous adaptations including the hairy leaves that prevent waterloss and the grey leaf-colour that reflects heat. It is fast-growing, evergreen and creates beautiful textures planted in mixed borders. Helichrysum petiolare, also known as the Silver Bush Everlasting, enjoys sun or semi-shade positions and grows best in well-draining soil. Allow it to dry out in between waterings. It is a vigorous grower and requires regular pruning to keep it in shape. This plant is short-lived and must be replaced every two to three years. Also known as Bedding Helichrysum, the local Khoikhoi tribes used the soft foliage as bedding material. It is also a very popular medicinal plant, used for treating asthma, colds, chest problems, and high blood pressure. It is also said to keep flies, fleas and mosquitoes away. ZA Distribution: Eastern Cape, Western Cape.

Common problems with Silver Bush Everlasting

Silver Bush Everlasting Companion Plants

How to harvest Silver Bush Everlasting

The leaves can be harvested and used for medicinal purposes. The leaves can be harvested on a cut and come again basis.

How to propagate Silver Bush Everlasting


Cuttings best taken in autumn.


Seeds should be sown in autumn and kept moist.

Special features of Silver Bush Everlasting

Hedge plant

It makes a thick screen that can function as low hedge.

Attractive flowers

Attracts bees


Repels harmful insects

Traditionally used to deter fleas and bedbugs from bedding.

Pot plant

These plants are well suited to growing in containers.

Drought resistant

Highly drought tolerant but flourishes with regular watering.

Attracts useful insects

Attractive leaves

Other uses of Silver Bush Everlasting

Hanging baskets.


Used to treat coughs, colds, and infections. Leaf infusions are used by Rastafarians to treat asthma, chest problems, and high blood pressure. Smoke from burning leaves is inhaled as a pain reliever.


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