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A picture of a Climbing Num Num

Climbing Num Num

Carissa spinarum

Also known as

Simple-Spined Num-Num, Small Num Num, Enkeldoringnoemnoem (Afr.), Ranknoemnoem, Kleinnoemnoem, Mothokolo (North Sotho), Murungulu (Venda), Mlugulu (Ndebele), Murambara, Muraramombe, Muraramombe, Muruguru, Mutsamviringwa, Nzambara, Esamviringa, Umsamviringwa (Shona), Morogola (Lovedu)

Carissa edulis MS 1408 by [1] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Full Sun
Easy care
Light watering


USDA zone


Minimum temperature

Expected size









  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

This plant has a mild fragrance

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A photo of Climbing Num Num
A photo of Climbing Num Num
A photo of Climbing Num Num
A photo of Climbing Num Num
A photo of Climbing Num Num

Climbing Num Num Overview

Carissa edulis or climbing num-num is a multi-branched, multi-stemmed spiny evergreen shrub or small tree, often growing up to 6 m tall and forms a dense canopy. All parts of the plant release white non-toxic milky latex. Young branches are green, smoothly covered with short hair, and older branches and stems become light brown and corky with deep cracks. The plant is covered in up to 7 cm long rigid spines that are not forked. Leaves are leathery, with smooth margins and are dark green above and paler below, growing either with or without hair. In addition to its fruits and flowers, it also makes a good hedging plant! ZA Distribution: Limpopo, Mpumalanga.

Common problems with Climbing Num Num

Not specified

    How to harvest Climbing Num Num

    One can pick the fruit once ripened. This occurs in the summertime.

    How to propagate Climbing Num Num


    The seeds should be spaced 40 - 70cm from one another, and be sown at a depth as thick as the seed. The germination time is expected to be between 7-14 days.


    Special features of Climbing Num Num

    Attracts birds

    Hedge plant

    Attractive flowers

    Indoor plant

    Wind break

    Other uses of Climbing Num Num

    Fuel. Pain killer. Treats malaria, indigestion and for abnormal pains during pregnancy. Treatment of dysentery. Remedy for chest complaints. Ease stomach ache, as a cough remedy or is dropped into the eye for cataract problems. Treats cancer and herpes.


    The Climbing Num-num serves a number of medicinal purposes including treating chest and stomach pains, indigestion and can to treat abnormal pains during pregnancy.


    The small round fruits, which turn dark purple when ripe, are sweet and can be eaten as such or be made into a jam.