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Kale 'Chou Moullier'

Brassica oleracea (Acephala Group) 'Chou Moullier'

Also known as

Tree Kale, Giant Tree Kale, Marrow-Stem Kale, Boerekool (Afr.)

Full Sun
Easy care
Moderate watering
Frost Hardy


USDA zone


Minimum temperature

Expected size









  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

This plant has no fragrance

Kale 'Chou Moullier' Overview

Brassica oleracea 'Chou Moullier' (Acephala Group) is commonly known as Kale 'Chou Moullier' It is also known as the Giant Tree Kale, this species is the tallest growing of the forage brassicas as it can grow up to 240 cm high. It is an heirloom variety with flat leaves that are slightly curled at the edges. The stems are thick, juicy and sweet and the large leaves are often used in stir-fries, smoothies or to make kale chips.

Common problems with Kale 'Chou Moullier'

Kale may sometimes be affected by Alternaria leaf spot, anthracnose and black rot. Attack from aphids and caterpillars are also common.

Kale 'Chou Moullier' Companion Plants

Potatoes, onions, sage, nasturtium, pelargoniums, dill, rosemary and borage

How to harvest Kale 'Chou Moullier'

Kale leaves can be harvested throughout the growing period once the plant is fully developed, usually within 2 months of planting. Harvest regularly to encourage consistent new growth. Harvest the lower, outer leaves first to avoid damage to the growth tip. Mulch in summer to prevent leaves from becoming bitter.

How to propagate Kale 'Chou Moullier'


Sow in summer in trays with moist compost. Alternatively, plant directly into the well-drained soil and space 40 to 50 cm apart. Germination should take place within 7 to 12 days.

Special features of Kale 'Chou Moullier'

Crop rotation

Medium feeder. Rotate with other groups of vegetables.

Other uses of Kale 'Chou Moullier'



Leaves can be used raw in salads and smoothies or cooked as a green vegetable. It is also used make kale chips.


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