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A picture of a San Pedro Cactus

San Pedro Cactus

Trichocereus macrogonus var. pachanoi

Echinopsis-pachanoi-small by alexik (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Full Sun
Light watering


USDA zone


Minimum temperature

Expected size






More images of San Pedro Cactus

A close up of a Trichocereus macrogonus var. pachanoi plant
A close up of a Trichocereus macrogonus var. pachanoi cactus
A close up of a Trichocereus macrogonus var. pachanoi cactus

San Pedro Cactus Overview

Trichocereus macrogonus var. pachanoi is a columnar cactus species from the Cactaceae family. It can be found growing naturally from Ecuador to Peru and is cultivated in a few other locations around the world. Sometimes known as Trichocereus pachanoi, Echinopsis pachanoi or San Pedro Cactus. This succulent perennial is fast-growing, popular in gardening as an ornamental cactus. It can also be grown in a pot as a houseplant. It likes bright sun and infrequent watering.

How to propagate San Pedro Cactus


Propagation is by seeds or stem cuttings in the spring or summer.


Special features of San Pedro Cactus

Drought resistant

Other uses of San Pedro Cactus

Used by the Curanderos (traditional folk healers) since ancient times for healing and ritual purposes. Now a commonly grown ornamental cactus on the US West Coast.


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