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A picture of a Jewel Orchid

Jewel Orchid

Ludisia spp.

Ludisia discolor (Ludisia dawsoniana) - United States Botanic Garden - DSC09619 by Daderot (CC0)

Full Shade
Moderate watering


USDA zone


Minimum temperature

Expected size





More images of Jewel Orchid

A Ludisia plant with green brown leaves on a table
A close up of a Ludisia plant with green leaves
A close up of a white Ludisia flower
Some white Ludisia flowers on a plant in front of a black background
A close up of a white yellow Ludisia flower on a plant

Jewel Orchid Overview

Ludisia is a monotypic genus in the Orchidaceae family, comprising just one orchid species; L. discolor, commonly known by the name Jewel Orchid. This terrestrial species is found in the wild in Southeastern Asia where it grows on forest floors. They are often cultivated for their deep maroon, velvety foliage and there are several artificial cultivars available. The yellow or white flowers are smaller than other cultivated orchids but grow in clusters on upright stems. They are very shade-tolerant plants.

Special features of Jewel Orchid

Attractive leaves

Other uses of Jewel Orchid

Ornamental. Often grown for their attractive foliage. Houseplants.


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