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A picture of a Cucamelon


Melothria spp.

Creeping cucumber (21063338208) by Melissa McMasters (CC BY 2.0)

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A close up of a yellow flower on a Melothria plant
A photo of Cucamelon
A photo of Cucamelon
A fruit from a Melothria plant

Cucamelon Overview

Melothria is a genus containing around 12 species from the family. These plants originate from Tropical and Subtropical America and have been introduced to various locations across the world including parts of Africa and East Asia. The Melothria genus includes the plant Melothria scabra, which is commonly known as Cucamelon after the fun fruits it produces. This interesting and incredible small gherkin species has watermelon looking fruit. They are great once pickled, developing a lemony cucumber taste that works great in salads.