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A picture of a Restio


Restio spp.

Elegia capensis CHCH 2 by Andy king50 (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Full Sun
Light watering

Expected size





More images of Restio

A photo of Restio
A photo of Restio
A photo of Restio
A photo of Restio

Restio Overview

Restio is a genus endemic to regions of South Africa comprising of around 170 species. Members of this group are in the Restionaceae family and they are annual or perennial rush-like flowering plants. This genus is termed dioecious and thus produces unisexual flowers, containing either male or female reproductive organs. These gendered flowers are produced on individual plants. They are popular in cultivation as garden ornamentals due to their mild frost tolerance, attractive tufted foliage and tall, erect flowering stems. They prefer an acid soil and full sun and, although native to hot, dry regions, they can tolerate some cold, but may require winter protection in very cold areas.

Special features of Restio

Attractive flowers

Attractive leaves


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