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A picture of a Banyan Fig

Banyan Fig

Ficus benghalensis

Photo by Roosie (All rights reserved)

Full Sun
Moderate care
Moderate watering


USDA zone


Minimum temperature

Expected size







  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

More images of Banyan Fig

A photo of Banyan Fig
A photo of Banyan Fig
A photo of Banyan Fig
A photo of Banyan Fig
A photo of Banyan Fig

Banyan Fig Overview

Commonly called the Banyan Tree or Banyan Fig, Ficus benghalensis is a culturally significant species from the Moraceae family. It is the national tree of India, where it is considered sacred, temples are often built beneath the large, spreading canopy of these trees. Foliage is large, leathery and has prominent lateral venation. Leaves are oval to elliptic in shape and measure between 20-40cm long. In terms of canopy coverage, this species produces some of the largest trees in the world and they are found in India. This plant is often sold under various names including Banyan Fig 'Audrey', Ficus Audrey and Bengal Fig. It makes a great houseplant, growing well in bright light and well-draining soil. Propagating roots grow as aerial roots (which don’t require soil) towards the ground, upon reaching the soil they form woody trunks. Bark is whitish in colour. Although commonly referred to as a fruit, the fig is actually a fleshy, hollow-ended stem containing multiple flowers. This species produces 1-2cm wide fig fruits in pairs, that turn red upon ripening. Due to pollination involving fig wasps, it's highly unusual to find the fruits growing outside of India where the specific species of pollinating fig wasp for this tree is found.

Common problems with Banyan Fig

How to propagate Banyan Fig


Special features of Banyan Fig

Attractive leaves

Pot plant

Commonly grown as a houseplant.


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