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A picture of a Oats


Avena spp.

Avena barbata (3822594473) by Matt Lavin (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Full Sun
Moderate watering

Expected size




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A photo of Oats
A photo of Oats
A photo of Oats
A photo of Oats
A photo of Oats

Oats Overview

This genus contains around 22 herbaceous annual species in the grass family Poaceae, commonly known as oats. They produce hollow stems bearing feathery, non-showy flowers that lead onto edible seeds. These flowers are in branched arrangements known as panicles. These are branched stems whereby each individual flower has its own stalk. Flowers nearer the base are older and new flowers are produced from the growing tip at the top. It includes 1 commercially important crop species amongst others which are cultivated as food sources for both humans and livestock. Found commonly across Europe, Asia and Northwest Africa, species in this genus have been naturalised across the globe. Some are considered invasive weeds due to their tendency to outcompete crops or native species, these wild oats are also known by the name oat-grass.

Other uses of Oats

Culinary, animal food.


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