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A picture of a Jewel Orchid

Jewel Orchid

Macodes petola

Macodes petola, potplant, b, Safari-uitstalling by JMK (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Partial Shade
Moderate care
Moderate watering


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More images of Jewel Orchid

A Macodes petola jewel orchid in flower
A photo of Jewel Orchid
A close up of some pink white Macodes petola flowers

Jewel Orchid Overview

Macodes petola is an evergreen orchid species in the Orchidaceae family. Originating from Southeast Asia, this terrestrial plant is found on the rainforest floor and grows best with high humidity and indirect light. Its commonly called a Jewel Orchid as its grown more for its attractive foliage over the flowers. This tender species grows best in as much humidity as you can provide and it is very tolerant of low-lighting. Keep out of direct sunlight as this is likely to scorch the leaves. The foliage is the main attraction, leaves are velvety and coloured dark green, with striking, bright lime green, silvery veins across the leaves which positively sparkle. These lightning-like veins make Macodes petola foliage some of the most beautiful leaves in the plant kingdom. Small flowers are borne on tall stems in clusters, they are cream-yellow and pink-red in colour.

How to propagate Jewel Orchid


Special features of Jewel Orchid

Indoor plant

Attractive leaves

Pot plant