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Chrysanthemum Leaf Miner

Chromatomyia syngenesiae

Chrysanthemum Leaf Miner


by Jon Sullivan. CC BY 4.0

A close up of a leaf mined by Chromatomyia syngenesiae Chrysanthemum leaf miner pupa
The Chrysanthemum Leaf Miner is a tiny leaf-mining fly. They belong to a family called Agromyzidae, which encompasses over 2,500 species of fly, all of which feed on various plants. Leaf-mining flies are rarely seen when adults. The larvae, however, are much easier to observe. Leaf-mining larvae tunnel through the inner tissues of foliage, leaving a unique trail, or mine, behind. The larvae of Chromatomyia syngenesiae mine the leaves of Chrysanthemum, Gazania, Senecio cineraria and Argyranthemum. In most cases, the damage is only aesthetic, with healthy plants tolerating light to moderate infestations.
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Heavier infestations can cause wilting in plants.


Adults: Adult flies are tiny, reaching only 3mm. They are brown-black. Females will leave a trail of small pale green spots on the upper sides of foliage from feeding. Larvae: Maggot-like, legless and creamy white. They vary between 3-4mm. Pupae: The cocoon-like structure which larvae develop inside of, is pale brown and can be seen where mines terminate. Mines: They're more easily distinguished using the leaf mines. Look out for long, white-brown meandering lines that trail randomly round the leaves of Chrysanthemums.


Trails of pale dots on leaves. Mining larvae can disfigure leaves. Heavier infestations tend to be indoors. Silvery-white meandering lines on the leaves of plants. Silvery-white blotches. Leaves may dry out and fall from plant early.











Europe and the UK

Biological treatment

Monitor plant foliage in summer and autumn and remove any damaged leaves as and when they're found.

Chemical treatment

There are currently no chemical treatments available for home gardeners for this type of plant.



Chrysanthemum spp.

Treasure Flower

Gazania spp.


Argyranthemum spp.

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