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Category 1a

A photo of Acacia implexa

Acacia implexa

Acacia implexa

A photo of Hedge wattle

Hedge wattle

Acacia paradoxa

A photo of Acacia stricta

Acacia stricta

Acacia stricta

A photo of Bluebell Creeper

Bluebell Creeper

Billardiera heterophylla

A photo of Common broom

Common broom

Cytisus scoparius

A photo of Leaf spurge

Leaf spurge

Euphorbia esula

A photo of Foxglove Tree

Foxglove Tree

Paulownia tomentosa

A photo of Mauritius hemp

Mauritius hemp

Furcraea foetida

A photo of Gorse


Ulex europaeus

A photo of Christmas tree

Christmas tree

Metrosideros excelsa

A photo of Prickly pear

Prickly pear

Opuntia robusta

A photo of Purple Loosestrife

Purple Loosestrife

Lythrum salicaria

A photo of Rough Horsetail

Rough Horsetail

Equisetum hyemale

A photo of Rubus cuneifolius

Rubus cuneifolius

Rubus cuneifolius

A photo of Tickseed


Coreopsis lanceolata

A photo of Water Fringe

Water Fringe

Nymphoides peltata

A photo of Water-Poppy


Hydrocleys nymphoides

A photo of Yellow Flag Iris

Yellow Flag Iris

Iris pseudacorus

A photo of Yellow Waterlily

Yellow Waterlily

Nuphar lutea


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