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Alpines - Top 20

Bring the mountain home by adding these delicate plants into your containers or rock gardens.

A photo of Alpine Pink

Alpine Pink

Dianthus alpinus

Alpine Soapwort 'Bressingham'

Saponaria 'Bressingham'

A photo of American Harebell

American Harebell

Campanula carpatica

A photo of Common Houseleek

Common Houseleek

Sempervivum tectorum

A photo of Creeping Phlox

Creeping Phlox

Phlox subulata

A photo of Goldmoss Stonecrop ‘Aureum’

Goldmoss Stonecrop ‘Aureum’

Sedum acre 'Aureum'

A photo of Hebe 'Pagei'

Hebe 'Pagei'

Veronica pinguifolia 'Pagei'

Ice Plant 'Jewel Of Desert Garnet'

Delosperma cooperi 'Jewel of Desert Garnet'

A photo of Bitterwort


Lewisia spp.

Mountain Rock Cress 'Schneehaube'

Arabis alpina ssp. caucasica 'Schneehaube'

Mouse-Ear Gypsophila

Acanthophyllum cerastiodes

A photo of Pearlwort


Sagina subulata

A photo of Thomson's aster

Thomson's aster

Aster thomsonii

A photo of Prostrate Speedwell

Prostrate Speedwell

Veronica prostrata

A photo of Purple Gromwell 'Heavenly Blue'

Purple Gromwell 'Heavenly Blue'

Lithodora diffusa 'Heavenly Blue'

A photo of Rock Cress 'Katie'

Rock Cress 'Katie'

Aubrieta hybrida 'F1 Katie'

A photo of Saxifrage 'Cloth Of Gold'

Saxifrage 'Cloth Of Gold'

Saxifraga exarata ssp. moschata 'Cloth of Gold'

A photo of Snowdrop 'S. Arnott'

Snowdrop 'S. Arnott'

Galanthus 'S. Arnott'

A photo of Sea Pink

Sea Pink

Armeria maritima

Thyme Silver Posie

Thymus vulgaris 'Silver Posie'


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