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A photo of Slime Lilies

Slime Lilies

Albuca spp.

A photo of Agapanthus


Agapanthus spp.

A photo of African daisy

African daisy

Arctotis spp.

A photo of Golden Heads

Golden Heads

Chrysocoma coma-aurea

A photo of True-Blue Daisy

True-Blue Daisy

Felicia heterophylla

A photo of Brunsvigia gregaria

Brunsvigia gregaria

Brunsvigia gregaria

A photo of Bulbine


Bulbine spp.

A photo of Candelabra Flower

Candelabra Flower

Brunsvigia radulosa

A photo of African daisy 'Pink Whirls'

African daisy 'Pink Whirls'

Osteospermum 'Pink Whirls'

A photo of Century Plant

Century Plant

Boophone disticha

A photo of Christmas Berry

Christmas Berry

Chironia baccifera

A photo of Water Buttons

Water Buttons

Cotula spp.

A photo of Dietes


Dietes spp.

A photo of African daisy

African daisy

Dimorphotheca spp.

Corkskrew Nerine

Nerine krigei

A photo of Blue daisy

Blue daisy

Felicia spp.

A photo of Flame Lily

Flame Lily

Gloriosa superba

A photo of Freesia


Freesia spp.

A photo of Treasure Flower

Treasure Flower

Gazania spp.

A photo of Barberton Daisy

Barberton Daisy

Gerbera jamesonii

A photo of Gladiolus orchidiflorus

Gladiolus orchidiflorus

Gladiolus orchidiflorus

Grass-Leaved Nerine

Nerine filifolia

A photo of Matricaria


Oncosiphon grandiflorum

A photo of Straw daisy

Straw daisy

Helichrysum spp.

A photo of Bulbinella


Bulbinella spp.

A photo of Sand Lily

Sand Lily

Veltheimia capensis

A photo of Lapeirousia


Lapeirousia spp.

A photo of Leonotis


Leonotis spp.

A photo of Belladonna Lily

Belladonna Lily

Amaryllis belladonna

Masons' Nerine

Nerine masoniorum

A photo of Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem

Ornithogalum spp.

A photo of Sea Lavender

Sea Lavender

Limonium peregrinum

A photo of Peacock Iris

Peacock Iris

Moraea spp.

A photo of Tender Geranium

Tender Geranium

Pelargonium spp.

A photo of Paintbrush


Haemanthus spp.

A photo of Sage


Salvia spp.

A photo of Ragwort


Senecio spp.

A photo of Sheathed Gladiolus

Sheathed Gladiolus

Gladiolus ecklonii

A photo of Sparaxis


Sparaxis spp.

A photo of Small Chasmanthe

Small Chasmanthe

Chasmanthe aethiopica

A photo of Transkei Gladiolus

Transkei Gladiolus

Gladiolus oppositiflorus

A photo of Blazing star

Blazing star

Tritonia spp.

A photo of Society Garlic

Society Garlic

Tulbaghia spp.

A photo of Jewel of the veldt

Jewel of the veldt

Ursinia spp.

A photo of Zaluzianskya


Zaluzianskya spp.


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