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Frost Tolerant | Shrubs

'Southern Shores' Butterfly Bush

Polygala fruticosa 'Southern Shores'

A photo of African Dogwood

African Dogwood

Rhamnus prinoides

African Sage

Salvia africana-lutea

A photo of Balloon Milkweed

Balloon Milkweed

Gomphocarpus physocarpus

A photo of Bietou


Osteospermum moniliferum

Blue Freylinia

Freylinia tropica

A photo of Bluebush


Diospyros lycioides

A photo of Bonsai Crassula

Bonsai Crassula

Crassula sarcocaulis

Bushveld Ribbon Flower

Dyschoriste rogersii

A photo of Dipcadi serotinum

Dipcadi serotinum

Dipcadi serotinum

A photo of Dolomite Sage

Dolomite Sage

Salvia dolomitica

A photo of Dwarf Coral Tree

Dwarf Coral Tree

Erythrina humeana

A photo of False Olive

False Olive

Buddleja saligna

A photo of Grey Barleria

Grey Barleria

Barleria albostellata

A photo of Honey Bell-Bush

Honey Bell-Bush

Freylinia lanceolata

A photo of Hooded-Leaf Pelargonium

Hooded-Leaf Pelargonium

Pelargonium cucullatum

A photo of Ithethe


Polygala virgata

A photo of Karoo Sagewood

Karoo Sagewood

Buddleja glomerata

A photo of Khungoana


Erythrina zeyheri

A photo of Lasiosiphon triplinervis

Lasiosiphon triplinervis

Lasiosiphon triplinervis

A photo of Lion's Ear

Lion's Ear

Leonotis leonurus

A photo of Pink Sage Bush

Pink Sage Bush

Ocimum labiatum

A photo of Puzzle Bush

Puzzle Bush

Ehretia rigida

A photo of River Star

River Star

Gomphostigma virgatum

A photo of Rock Tree-Fuchsia

Rock Tree-Fuchsia

Halleria elliptica

A photo of Rough-Leaf African Mallow

Rough-Leaf African Mallow

Anisodontea scabrosa

A photo of Sagewood


Buddleja salviifolia

A photo of Salvia chamaedryoides

Salvia chamaedryoides

Salvia chamaedryoides

Sand Olive

Dodonaea viscosa var. angustifolia

A photo of September Bush

September Bush

Polygala myrtifolia

A photo of Southern Shell-Flower

Southern Shell-Flower

Bowkeria verticillata

A photo of Turkey Berry

Turkey Berry

Canthium inerme

A photo of Sutherlandia


Lessertia frutescens

A photo of Weeping Bride's Bush

Weeping Bride's Bush

Pavetta lanceolata

A photo of Weeping Sage

Weeping Sage

Buddleja auriculata

A photo of Wild Rosemary

Wild Rosemary

Eriocephalus africanus

A photo of Yellow Bauhinia

Yellow Bauhinia

Bauhinia tomentosa

A photo of Yellow Mallow

Yellow Mallow

Pavonia praemorsa

A photo of Yellow Milk Bush

Yellow Milk Bush

Euphorbia mauritanica

Yellow Shell-Flower Bush

Bowkeria citrina


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