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Climbing Plants

A photo of Agapetes serpens

Agapetes serpens

Agapetes serpens

A photo of Chocolate Vine

Chocolate Vine

Akebia spp.

A photo of Confederate vine

Confederate vine

Antigonon spp.

A photo of Asteranthera


Asteranthera spp.

A photo of Trumpet flower

Trumpet flower

Beaumontia spp.

A photo of Coral plant

Coral plant

Berberidopsis spp.

A photo of Trumpet vine

Trumpet vine

Bignonia spp.

A photo of Bluebell creeper

Bluebell creeper

Billardiera spp.

A photo of Bomarea


Bomarea spp.

A photo of Paper Flower

Paper Flower

Bougainvillea spp.

A photo of Pandorea


Pandorea jasminoides

A photo of Bridal Wreath

Bridal Wreath

Stephanotis floribunda

A photo of Canary Bell-Flower

Canary Bell-Flower

Canarina canariensis

A photo of Plumbago


Plumbago auriculata

A photo of Chilean Bellflower

Chilean Bellflower

Lapageria rosea

Chinese Magnolia Vine

Schisandra rubriflora



A photo of Lobster claws

Lobster claws

Clianthus spp.

Climbing Snapdragons

Climbing Snapdragons

Climbing Roses

Climbing Roses

A photo of Cathedral bells

Cathedral bells

Cobaea spp.

A photo of Bonnet bellflower

Bonnet bellflower

Codonopsis spp.

A photo of Crimson Glory Vine

Crimson Glory Vine

Vitis coignetiae

A photo of Cross Vine

Cross Vine

Bignonia capreolata

A photo of Watakaka


Dregea spp.

A photo of Chilean glory flower

Chilean glory flower

Eccremocarpus spp.

A photo of Everlasting Pea

Everlasting Pea

Lathyrus latifolius

A photo of Flame Lily

Flame Lily

Gloriosa superba

A photo of Golden Trumpet

Golden Trumpet

Allamanda cathartica

A photo of Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos

Epipremnum aureum

A photo of Grape


Vitis vinifera

A photo of Coral Pea

Coral Pea

Hardenbergia spp.

A photo of Holboellia


Holboellia spp.



A photo of Hop


Humulus lupulus

A photo of Climbing Hydrangea

Climbing Hydrangea

Hydrangea anomala ssp. petiolaris



Japanese Hydrangea-Vine

Schizophragma hydrangeoides

A photo of Jasmine


Jasminum spp.

A photo of Kangaroo Vine

Kangaroo Vine

Cissus antarctica

A photo of Manchurian Gooseberry

Manchurian Gooseberry

Actinidia kolomikta

A photo of Mitraria


Mitraria spp.

A photo of Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Ipomoea tricolor

A photo of Moth Plant

Moth Plant

Araujia spp.

A photo of Virginia Creeper

Virginia Creeper

Parthenocissus spp.

Passion Flower

Passion Flower

A photo of Philodendron


Philodendron spp.

A photo of Climbing Hydrangea

Climbing Hydrangea

Hydrangea viburnoides

Porcelain Vine

Ampelopsis brevipedunculata 'Elegans'

A photo of Pyrostegia


Pyrostegia spp.

A photo of Queen's Wreath

Queen's Wreath

Petrea volubilis

A photo of Rangoon Creeper

Rangoon Creeper

Combretum indica

A photo of Purple Bell Vine

Purple Bell Vine

Rhodochiton spp.

A photo of Rocktrumpet


Mandevilla spp.

A photo of Russian Vine

Russian Vine

Fallopia baldschuanica

A photo of Satin Pothos

Satin Pothos

Scindapsus pictus

A photo of Chalice vine

Chalice vine

Solandra spp.

A photo of Tomato


Solanum spp.

A photo of Spanish Flag

Spanish Flag

Ipomoea lobata

A photo of Sterjasmyn (Afr.)

Sterjasmyn (Afr.)

Trachelospermum spp.

A photo of Stauntonia


Stauntonia spp.

A photo of Marmalade Bush

Marmalade Bush

Streptosolen spp.

A photo of Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

Lathyrus odoratus

A photo of Delicious Monster

Delicious Monster

Monstera deliciosa

A photo of Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead Plant

Syngonium spp.

A photo of Javan grape

Javan grape

Tetrastigma spp.

A photo of Clockvines


Thunbergia spp.

A photo of Tickey Creeper

Tickey Creeper

Ficus pumila

A photo of Kappertjie (Afr.)

Kappertjie (Afr.)

Tropaeolum spp.

A photo of Chinese Trumpet Creeper

Chinese Trumpet Creeper

Campsis grandiflora

A photo of Tweedia


Tweedia spp.

A photo of Purple Velvet Plant

Purple Velvet Plant

Gynura aurantiaca

A photo of Wax Plant

Wax Plant

Hoya carnosa

A photo of Wisteria


Wisteria spp.