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Frost Tolerant | Perennials

A photo of Aloe verecunda

Aloe verecunda

Aloe verecunda

A photo of Amafuthomhlaba


Callilepis laureola

A photo of Balloon Milkweed

Balloon Milkweed

Gomphocarpus physocarpus

A photo of Broad-Leaved Bulbine

Broad-Leaved Bulbine

Bulbine latifolia

A photo of Carpet Geranium

Carpet Geranium

Geranium incanum

A photo of Common Marsh Poker

Common Marsh Poker

Kniphofia linearifolia

A photo of Geelblom


Cineraria saxifraga

A photo of Giant Chlorophytum

Giant Chlorophytum

Chlorophytum bowkeri

A photo of Icholocholo


Helichrysum nudifolium

A photo of Khutsana


Haplocarpha scaposa

A photo of Nemesia


Nemesia fruticans

A photo of Orange River Lily

Orange River Lily

Crinum bulbispermum

A photo of Osteospermum muricatum

Osteospermum muricatum

Osteospermum muricatum

A photo of Quilted-leaved Vernonia

Quilted-leaved Vernonia

Hilliardiella hirsuta

A photo of Red-Hot Poker

Red-Hot Poker

Kniphofia uvaria

A photo of Rivierklokkie


Phygelius aequalis

A photo of Scarlet River Lily

Scarlet River Lily

Hesperantha coccinea

A photo of Senecio speciosus

Senecio speciosus

Senecio speciosus

A photo of Slugwort


Hebenstretia dura

A photo of Star Flower

Star Flower

Hypoxis hemerocallidea

A photo of Trailing Pink Daisy

Trailing Pink Daisy

Dimorphotheca jucunda

A photo of Ucabazane


Gerbera ambigua

A photo of Weeping Anthericum

Weeping Anthericum

Chlorophytum saundersiae

Wood Iris

Dietes flavida


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