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Seedball - Urban Meadow

A photo of Toadflax


Linaria vulgaris

A photo of Cornflower


Centaurea cyanus

A photo of Cowslip


Primula veris

A photo of Meadow Cranesbill

Meadow Cranesbill

Geranium pratense

A photo of Musk Mallow

Musk Mallow

Malva moschata

A photo of Ox-Eye Daisy

Ox-Eye Daisy

Leucanthemum vulgare

A photo of Red Campion

Red Campion

Silene dioica

A photo of Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile

Chamaemelum nobile

Corn marigold

Glebionis segetum

A photo of Night-flowering catchfly

Night-flowering catchfly

Silene noctiflora