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Autumn Flowering Bulbs

Flowering in autumn these bulbs give a beautiful display.

A photo of Agapanthus


Agapanthus spp.

Autumn Snowflake

Acis autumnalis

A photo of Begonia


Begonia spp.

A photo of Belladonna Lily

Belladonna Lily

Amaryllis belladonna

A photo of Canna Lilies

Canna Lilies

Canna spp.

A photo of Cup and a Saucer

Cup and a Saucer

Colchicum spp.

A photo of River Lily

River Lily

Crinum spp.

A photo of Montbretia


Crocosmia spp.

A photo of Garden Dahlias

Garden Dahlias

Dahlia spp.

A photo of Angel's Fishing Rod

Angel's Fishing Rod

Dierama spp.

A photo of Fairy Lily

Fairy Lily

Zephyranthes candida

A photo of Galtonia


Galtonia spp.

A photo of Garden Anemone

Garden Anemone

Anemone coronaria

A photo of Habranthus


Habranthus spp.

A photo of Scarlet River Lily

Scarlet River Lily

Hesperantha coccinea

A photo of Large Autumn Crocus

Large Autumn Crocus

Crocus speciosus

A photo of Lily


Lilium spp.

A photo of Pink Star Grass

Pink Star Grass

Rhodohypoxis spp.

A photo of Roscoea


Roscoea spp.

A photo of Saffron


Crocus sativus

A photo of Scottish Flame Flower

Scottish Flame Flower

Tropaeolum speciosum

A photo of Blue-Eyed Grasses

Blue-Eyed Grasses

Sisyrinchium spp.

A photo of Lily-of-the-field


Sternbergia spp.

A photo of Sword Lily

Sword Lily

Gladiolus spp.

A photo of Mexican shell flower

Mexican shell flower

Tigridia spp.

A photo of Calla Lily 'Pink Puppy'

Calla Lily 'Pink Puppy'

Zantedeschia 'Pink Puppy'