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African trees

A photo of African Dogwood

African Dogwood

Rhamnus prinoides

A photo of African Tuliptree

African Tuliptree

Spathodea campanulata

A photo of White Stinkwood

White Stinkwood

Celtis africana

A photo of Assegai


Curtisia dentata

A photo of Bladdernut


Diospyros whyteana

A photo of Breede River Yellowwood

Breede River Yellowwood

Podocarpus elongatus

A photo of Buffalo thorn (Eng.)

Buffalo thorn (Eng.)

Ziziphus mucronata

A photo of Red Alder

Red Alder

Cunonia capensis

A photo of Aralia californica

Aralia californica

Aralia californica

A photo of Cabbage Tree

Cabbage Tree

Cussonia spicata

A photo of Cape Ebony

Cape Ebony

Euclea pseudebenus

A photo of Cape Holly

Cape Holly

Ilex mitis

A photo of Cape Chestnut

Cape Chestnut

Calodendrum capense

A photo of Cheesewood


Pittosporum viridiflorum

A photo of Coastal Camphor Bush

Coastal Camphor Bush

Tarchonanthus littoralis

A photo of Coast Coral Tree

Coast Coral Tree

Erythrina caffra

Wild Fig

Ficus thonningii

A photo of Commiphora


Commiphora spp.

A photo of Crossberry


Grewia occidentalis

A photo of Dune Crow-Berry

Dune Crow-Berry

Searsia crenata

A photo of Fever Tree

Fever Tree

Valhellia xanthoploea

A photo of Flat Top Acasia

Flat Top Acasia

Vachellia abyssinica

A photo of Henkel's Yellowwood

Henkel's Yellowwood

Podocarpus henkelii

A photo of Karee


Searsia lancea

A photo of Karoo Boer-Bean

Karoo Boer-Bean

Schotia afra var. afra

A photo of Kei-Apple


Dovyalis caffra

A photo of Lavender Tree

Lavender Tree

Heteropyxis natalensis

A photo of Mickey Mouse Bush

Mickey Mouse Bush

Ochna serrulata

A photo of White Milkwood

White Milkwood

Sideroxylon inerme

A photo of Monkey Thorn Tree

Monkey Thorn Tree

Senegalia galpinii

A photo of Mountain Ash

Mountain Ash

Sorbus aucuparia

A photo of Mountain Cedar

Mountain Cedar

Widdringtonia nodiflora

Mountain Hard Pear

Olinia emarginata

A photo of Natal Flame Bush

Natal Flame Bush

Alberta magna

A photo of Glossy Bottlebrush

Glossy Bottlebrush

Greyia sutherlandii

A photo of Natal Mahogany

Natal Mahogany

Trichilia emetica

A photo of Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Strelitzia nicolai

A photo of Pachypodium


Pachypodium spp.

A photo of Paperbark Thorn

Paperbark Thorn

Vachellia sieberiana var. woodii

Pepper-Bark Tree

Warburgia salutaris

Pink Keurboom

Virgilia divaricata

A photo of Pink Wild Pear

Pink Wild Pear

Dombeya burgessiae

A photo of Pistol Bush

Pistol Bush

Duvernoia adhatodoides

A photo of Pompon Tree

Pompon Tree

Dais cotinifolia

Wild Pride Of India

Galpinia transvaalica

A photo of Muhovho-Hovho


Podocarpus latifolius

A photo of River Bushwillow

River Bushwillow

Combretum erythrophyllum

A photo of Mountain Maytenus

Mountain Maytenus

Maytenus oleoides

Sand Olive

Dodonaea viscosa var. angustifolia

A photo of Sausage Tree

Sausage Tree

Kigelia africana

A photo of Silver Tree

Silver Tree

Leucadendron argenteum

A photo of Poke-Me-Boy


Vachellia anegadensis

A photo of Tree Fuchsia

Tree Fuchsia

Halleria lucida

A photo of Turkey Berry

Turkey Berry

Canthium inerme

A photo of Waterberry


Syzygium cordatum

A photo of Waterpear


Syzygium guineense

A photo of Weeping Boer Bean

Weeping Boer Bean

Schotia brachypetala

A photo of White Ironwood

White Ironwood

Vepris lanceolata

A photo of White Karee

White Karee

Searsia pendulina

A photo of White Pear

White Pear

Apodytes dimidiata

A photo of Wild Plum

Wild Plum

Harpephyllum caffrum

A photo of Wild Pomegranate

Wild Pomegranate

Burchellia bubalina

A photo of Wild Olive

Wild Olive

Olea europaea ssp. africana

A photo of Wild Peach

Wild Peach

Kiggelaria africana

Outeniqua Yellowwood

Afrocarpus falcatus


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