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Bog Plants

Browse our collection of plants that will prefer to grow in bog conditions.

A photo of False Goat's Beard

False Goat's Beard

Astilbe spp.

A photo of Bistort


Bistorta officinalis

A photo of Bowles' Golden Sedge

Bowles' Golden Sedge

Carex elata 'Aurea'

A photo of Candelabra Primula

Candelabra Primula

Primula japonica

A photo of Chestnut-Leaved Rodgersia

Chestnut-Leaved Rodgersia

Rodgersia aesculifolia

A photo of Elderberry


Sambucus nigra

A photo of Scarlet River Lily

Scarlet River Lily

Hesperantha coccinea

A photo of Indian Rhubarb

Indian Rhubarb

Darmera spp.

A photo of Daylily


Hemerocallis spp.

A photo of Drumstick Primula

Drumstick Primula

Primula denticulata

Flowering Rush

Butomus umbellatus

A photo of Giant Rhubarb

Giant Rhubarb

Gunnera manicata

Globeflower 'Dancing Flame'

Trollius 'Dancing Flame'

A photo of Goat's Beard

Goat's Beard

Aruncus dioicus

A photo of Great Lobelia

Great Lobelia

Lobelia siphilitica

A photo of Grindelia chiloensis

Grindelia chiloensis

Grindelia chiloensis

A photo of Hemp Agrimony

Hemp Agrimony

Eupatorium cannabinum

A photo of Japanese Iris

Japanese Iris

Iris ensata

A photo of Joe Pye Weed 'Orchard Dene'

Joe Pye Weed 'Orchard Dene'

Eutrochium maculatum (Atropurpureum Group) 'Orchard Dene'

Knotweed 'Darjeeling Red'

Persicaria affinis 'Darjeeling Red'

A photo of Lady Fern

Lady Fern

Athyrium filix-femina

A photo of Lady's Smock

Lady's Smock

Cardamine pratensis

A photo of Groundsel


Ligularia spp.

A photo of Loosestrife


Lysimachia spp.

A photo of Purple Loosestrife

Purple Loosestrife

Lythrum spp.

A photo of Skunk cabbage

Skunk cabbage

Lysichiton spp.

A photo of Marsh Marigold

Marsh Marigold

Caltha palustris

A photo of Meadow Sweet

Meadow Sweet

Filipendula ulmaria

A photo of Sensitive Fern

Sensitive Fern

Onoclea sensibilis

Orange Bush Monkey-Flower

Mimulus cardinalis

A photo of Ornamental Rhubarb

Ornamental Rhubarb

Rheum palmatum

A photo of Ostrich Fern

Ostrich Fern

Matteuccia spp.

Amphibious bistort

Persicaria amphibia

A photo of Hosta


Hosta spp.

A photo of Ragged Robin

Ragged Robin

Silene flos-cuculi

A photo of Red Bistort

Red Bistort

Persicaria amplexicaulis

A photo of Rodgersia


Rodgersia spp.

A photo of Royal Fern

Royal Fern

Osmunda regalis

A photo of Shuttlecock Fern

Shuttlecock Fern

Onoclea struthiopteris

A photo of Siberian Iris

Siberian Iris

Iris sibirica

A photo of Skunk Cabbage

Skunk Cabbage

Lysichiton americanus

A photo of Spartina grass

Spartina grass

Spartina spp.


Euphorbia palustris

Variegated Slender Sweet Flag

Acorus gramineus 'Variegatus'

A photo of Water Avens

Water Avens

Geum rivale

A photo of Willow


Salix spp.


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