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A photo of Monkey Puzzle Trees

Monkey Puzzle Trees

Araucaria spp.

A photo of Australian honeysuckle

Australian honeysuckle

Banksia spp.

A photo of Bird Of Paradise

Bird Of Paradise

Strelitzia spp.

A photo of Bush Violet

Bush Violet

Barleria obtusa

A photo of Buxus


Buxus sempervirens

A photo of Bottlebrush


Callistemon spp.

A photo of African daisy 'Pink Whirls'

African daisy 'Pink Whirls'

Osteospermum 'Pink Whirls'

A photo of She oak

She oak

Casuarina spp.

A photo of Common Alder

Common Alder

Alnus glutinosa

A photo of Coprosma


Coprosma spp.

A photo of Cupressus glabra

Cupressus glabra

Cupressus glabra

A photo of Scarlet-flowering gum

Scarlet-flowering gum

Eucalyptus ficifolia

A photo of Grevillea


Grevillea spp.

A photo of Hopseed Bush

Hopseed Bush

Dodonaea viscosa

A photo of Juniper Tree

Juniper Tree

Juniperus spp.

A photo of Ice Plant

Ice Plant

Lampranthus spp.

A photo of Brisbane box

Brisbane box

Lophostemon confertus

A photo of Paper Bark

Paper Bark

Melaleuca spp.

A photo of Iron tree

Iron tree

Metrosideros spp.

A photo of White Milkwood

White Milkwood

Sideroxylon inerme

A photo of Monterey Cypress

Monterey Cypress

Cupressus macrocarpa

A photo of Myoporum


Myoporum spp.

A photo of New Zealand Flax

New Zealand Flax

Phormium tenax

A photo of New Zealand Tea Tree

New Zealand Tea Tree

Leptospermum scoparium

A photo of Oleander


Nerium oleander

A photo of Olive


Olea spp.

A photo of Pine


Pinus spp.

A photo of Confetti Bush

Confetti Bush

Coleonema pulchellum

A photo of Parchment Bark

Parchment Bark

Pittosporum spp.

A photo of Pompon Tree

Pompon Tree

Dais cotinifolia

A photo of Poplar Tree

Poplar Tree

Populus spp.

A photo of Purple Trailing Lantana

Purple Trailing Lantana

Lantana montevidensis

A photo of Pyramid Tree

Pyramid Tree

Lagunaria patersonia

A photo of Common Mimetes

Common Mimetes

Mimetes cucullatus

A photo of Firecracker flower

Firecracker flower

Russelia equisetiformis

A photo of Pepper tree

Pepper tree

Schinus spp.

A photo of Spanish Broom

Spanish Broom

Spartium junceum

A photo of Syzygium


Syzygium spp.

A photo of Tamarisk


Tamarix spp.

Yeddo Hawthorn

Rhaphiolepis umbellata