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Spring Flowering Garden Shrubs

These spring flowering shrubs are great additions, providing pollinators with habitat, shelter and food.

A photo of Darwin's Barberry

Darwin's Barberry

Berberis darwinii

A photo of Barberry


Berberis thunbergii

A photo of Buxus


Buxus sempervirens

A photo of California Lilac

California Lilac

Ceanothus spp.

A photo of Quince


Chaenomeles spp.

A photo of Cornelian Cherry

Cornelian Cherry

Cornus mas

Tibetan Cotoneaster

Cotoneaster conspicuus

A photo of Pagoda Bush

Pagoda Bush

Enkianthus spp.

A photo of Heaths


Erica spp.

A photo of Hebe


Hebe spp.

A photo of Mahonia


Mahonia spp.

A photo of Lily of the Valley Bush

Lily of the Valley Bush

Pieris spp.

A photo of Cherry Laurel

Cherry Laurel

Prunus laurocerasus

A photo of Blackcurrant


Ribes nigrum

A photo of Redcurrant


Ribes rubrum

A photo of Flowering Currant

Flowering Currant

Ribes sanguineum

A photo of Willow


Salix hastata 'Wehrhahnii'

A photo of Japanese Skimmia

Japanese Skimmia

Skimmia japonica

A photo of Stachyurus


Stachyurus spp.

A photo of High-Bush Blueberry

High-Bush Blueberry

Vaccinium corymbosum


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