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Candide Code of Conduct for Business Partners

Updated October 2020

Each of Candide’s Business Partners, including suppliers, distributors, agents, resellers, joint venture partners, customers and strategic partners, is recognized as an important member of the worldwide team contributing to Candide’s success. Our goal is to develop relationships with Business Partners that share similar corporate values as Candide, and conduct business in an ethical manner.

Candide supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and endorsed international standards in key areas such as international human rights, the environment, business ethics and labour conditions. Candide expects its Business Partners to uphold similar standards and to require the same from its own set of Business Partners, especially those that conduct business for Candide. Candide expects immediate notification from existing Business Partners of any suspicion or concern of breaches, or any other non-compliance with the standards set out in this document, allowing for joint verification of facts and remediation. This applies to both Candide’s Business Partners and their subcontractors.

Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct for Candide’s Business Partners may result in discontinuance of business relationships with immediate termination rights. Anyone wishing to raise a concern relating to Candide or any Business Partner’s adherence to this Code of Conduct should contact Candide at

1. Respect for People, Human Rights and Appropriate Working Conditions

1.1 Safe and Healthy Work Environment Candide expects employees at our Business Partners to be provided with a safe and healthy workplace in compliance with international standards and national laws.

1.2 Discrimination Candide takes the issue of discrimination very seriously. We require that all employees in our joint venture operations be treated with respect and dignity, and that equality of opportunities are based solely on merit, irrespective of race, colour, religion, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status or disability. Candide’s Business Partners must commit to creating a fair work environment and to abide by all applicable local laws concerning discrimination in hiring and employment practices. This includes equal pay for equal work and other initiatives aimed at preventing labour breaches or unwanted effects of those.

1.3 Child or Forced Labour Candide will not use involuntary labour, bonded or forced labour or accept anyone do so on our behalf. Any use of child labour by Business Partners must comply with internationally recognized standards such as the guidelines of UNICEF, and the ILO, as well as local legislation.

2. Protection of the Environment

2.1 Environmental impact Business Partners are encouraged to develop and implement an environmental policy and to operate in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations addressing environmental protection. Candide encourages Business Partners to develop and use environmentally friendly technologies, products and services.

2.2 Cruelty to Animals Candide expects Business Partners to prohibit the unnecessary harm of any animal, as defined in the UK Animal Welfare Act 2006 and UK Hunting Act 2004, and to prohibit any activities causing cruelty or distress to animals.

3. Ethics and Business Integrity

3.1 Bribery and Corruption Candide expects its Business Partners to uphold the highest standards of business ethics, to respect local laws and not to engage in any form of corruption, bribery, fraud, facilitation payments, kickbacks, illegal gratuities or extortion. Candide considers facilitation payments as a form of corruption and has a zero-tolerance policy for such payments.

3.2 Money Laundering Candide conducts business with high integrity and within the limits of laws and regulations. We will not allow our Business Partners to condone or support money laundering in any form in any location on behalf of Candide.

3.3 Business Gifts and Hospitality Candide’s main rule is that we prefer not to give or receive gifts. Candide employees cannot give or accept gifts over the value of 75 USD without express written approval from their manager. Candide employees will not seek to influence others or be influenced by others by giving or receiving gifts and/or hospitality.

3.4 Fair Competition Candide strictly prohibits anti-competitive agreements or conduct, including fixing prices, restricting the supply of goods or services, bid rigging and market sharing. We require our Business Partners to commit to free and fair competition and to abide by relevant competition laws and regulations.

3.5 Confidential Information Candide is dedicated to protecting confidential, sensitive and personal information. Our Business Partners are expected to comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing the protection, use and disclosure of Candide proprietary, confidential, and personal information.

3.6 Conflicts of Interest Candide expects its employees and Business Partners to immediately disclose and address situations where there is an actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest, or even the appearance of a conflict of interest.

4. Misuse of Products

In line with our strong commitment and adherence to applicable legal and regulatory obligations, Candide will not tolerate the misuse of our products for illegal purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, the misuse of finished products, intermediates and raw materials in the production of illegal drugs and illegal explosives. In our resolve to strengthen legal and regulatory frameworks, Candide continuously raises awareness of its Business Partners to their obligations to have implemented adequate monitoring systems within their supply chains to ensure that misuse is prevented, or can be detected and remediated immediately.


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