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Candide helps to kick start a brand new concept for 'Real Gardeners'

Published on November 3rd 2020

by Helen_Allsebrook. All rights reserved

Ann-Marie Powell
Press release

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In an exciting new public collaboration, Candide is helping to kick-start the publication of a unique book by award-winning designer Ann-Marie Powell, which unites a global community of gardeners, providing their tips, hacks, beautiful photographs and inspirational stories through their shared love of gardening.
The concept for My Real Garden began during UK lockdown when Ann-Marie Powell decided that the only way to get through this difficult time was to transform her unloved family garden and to share the journey, publicly, for 100 consecutive days.
The daily, live, IGTV broadcasts on her @myrealgarden Instagram page soon built a massive following of garden lovers from all over the world who joined Ann-Marie’s true to life, warts-and-all, garden diary. Their support moved her to bring that gardening community together in an inspiring new book.
Ann-Marie Powell My Real Garden Candide Gardening
Explains Ann-Marie; “I began the Instagram posts to document and share the garden transformation and never envisaged it would attract such a huge following from around the world. I was soon to discover that connecting with other gardeners was to be my silver lining through the most difficult of times.”
“After building up such a lively community of gardeners I came up with the idea of us all creating a book together,” says Ann-Marie. “I asked the community to share their gardening stories, hacks and tips with me, and I was overwhelmed to receive over 200 submissions.
My Real Garden aims to pass the passion for gardening and share the successes, failures, and enjoyment of these real people. The contributors are a wonderful mix of individuals from all walks of life, from all over the globe with gardening experiences ranging from complete beginners to experts. Some garden on a windowsill and others have acres.
My Real Garden layout
My Real Garden will feature 208 pages of gardening hacks, tips, top plants, and garden stories from over 200 contributors. If the crowdfunding is a success, the book will be released in March 2021, marking the first anniversary of Ann-Marie’s first live Instagram post. A percentage of the book sale proceeds will be donated to Greenfingers Charity who create gardens for children’s hospices across the country.
My Real Garden layout
For this unique and exciting publication to come to life Ann-Marie has launched a crowdfunding appeal for which Candide has provided an essential kick start donation to get the ball rolling.
Commenting, Candide’s Head of Communications, Helen Allsebrook said, “Candide’s app and website hosts an online community of gardeners who all want to learn and interact about their shared gardening and plant passions. The My Real Garden project reflects these values with a wonderful collaboration highlighting the love of gardening and the joy we all have in sharing our stories and knowledge. It is also a remarkable record of how gardening has helped with people’s mental and physical health during the difficult times we are all experiencing. We are delighted to be able to help launch the Crowd Funding Campaign and hope gardeners will get behind this venture and be a part in making it happen. Time is sensitive to raise the rest of the funds, so please share the joy and encourage friends and family, loved ones and gardening enthusiasts to share the crowdfunding project.”
To help bring this unique book to life, visit to find out more about the book and to pre-order your copy.
The pressing deadline to raise these funds is the 16th November 2020