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How to Care for Hanging Baskets

Published on June 14th 2018

by ellie.white. All rights reserved

This is the time of year where we’ve all planted up our hanging baskets and they’ve begun to bloom. These bring great colour to the garden as well as attracting bees and other insects!
To ensure you get the best blooms out of them:
  • Water them thoroughly and often - hanging baskets usually need more water than plants would in the ground, so make sure water is streaming out the holes before moving to the next.
  • Be sure to deadhead any plants in bloom to encourage new growth and healthier blooms.
  • Fertilise - as hanging baskets get watered more often, the nutrients are washed out quicker than if it was in the ground, so fertilisation is recommended for healthier plants.
See our How-to articles on hanging baskets.

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