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A picture of a Cochineal Cactus

Cochineal Cactus

Opuntia tuna

Also known as

Hardy Dwarf Cactus , Hardy Prickly Pear

Photo by jasonbozbowyer (All rights reserved)

Full Sun
Light watering


Cochineal Cactus Overview

Opuntia tuna is a perennial cactus species from the Cactaceae family. This species originates from Jamaica. It is commonly known by the names Cochineal Cactus, Hardy Dwarf Cactus and Hardy Prickly Pear. This plant grows to between 3-5m tall and produces rounded and flattened, succulent stems. Flowers are only produced on mature plants, these are orange-yellow and lead onto fruits coloured green-yellow to red.

Special features of Cochineal Cactus

Drought resistant