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A picture of a Utricularia longifolia

Utricularia longifolia

Utricularia longifolia

Photo by CandideUK (All rights reserved)

Full Sun
Frost Hardy


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Minimum temperature

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Utricularia longifolia Overview

There are about 200 species of annual or perennial, carnivorous plants. They will produce bladder-like traps which are scattered on the stems or leaves of the plant, The 2-lipped, spurred flowers will vary in size form and colour. Most of the species in cultivation are free-floating.

How to propagate Utricularia longifolia


You can propagate by dividing floating foliage in spring or summer.

Other uses of Utricularia longifolia

Some species are suitable only for tropical aquariums; those grown in outdoor pools require full sun (aquatic).