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A picture of a Pebbled Tiger Jaws

Pebbled Tiger Jaws

Faucaria tigrina ssp. tuberculosa

Also known as

Knobby Tiger Jaws, Shark’s Jaws

Faucaria tuberculosa - RSA 5 by Abu Shawka (CC0)

Full Sun
Easy care
Light watering


USDA zone


Minimum temperature

Expected size







  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

This plant has no fragrance

More images of Pebbled Tiger Jaws

A photo of Pebbled Tiger Jaws

Pebbled Tiger Jaws Overview

Faucaria tigrina is a small, stemless succulent, with somewhat ferocious-looking teeth on the margins of its fleshy, dark green leaves. This subspecies has rough, white tubercles scattered over the upper surface. The threadlike structures on the leaves are special adaptations that help to collect water vapour from the surrounding air and direct it down toward the roots of the plant. Flowers are bright yellow and daisy-like, around 4cm across.

Common problems with Pebbled Tiger Jaws

Should be free of problems if planted in well-draining soil in an environment with good air movement.

    How to harvest Pebbled Tiger Jaws

    Generally not harvested.

    How to propagate Pebbled Tiger Jaws


    Sow seed in spring or autumn in well draining sand medium.


    Remove little plants growing off the sides as soon as they are mature enough.


    Divide clumps of rosettes as they become too thick.

    Special features of Pebbled Tiger Jaws

    Pot plant

    Can be grown in containers, use recommended medium for fully grown plants, two parts loam, one part coarse sand and one part pumice.

    Drought resistant