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A picture of a Chinese Mahogany

Chinese Mahogany

Toona sinensis

Also known as

Beef and Onion Plant, Chinese Cedar, Chinese Toon, Red Toon, Cedar

Cedrela sinensis by leave me a message on this page (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Full Sun
Moderate watering
Frost Hardy


USDA zone


Minimum temperature

Expected size








More images of Chinese Mahogany

A Toona sinensis tree with green leaves
A photo of Chinese Mahogany
A photo of Chinese Mahogany
A photo of Chinese Mahogany
A photo of Chinese Mahogany

Chinese Mahogany Overview

Toona sinensis is an attractive, deciduous tree from the Meliaceae family. Commonly known as Chinese Mahogany, Chinese Toon, Chinese Cedar and Beef and Onion Plant, amongst others. This tree is quite ornamental, the peeling bark, foliage and flowers are all attractive features of this species. The shoots are initially downy, the leaves are 30-60cms pinnate with 10-24 leaflets emerging bronzy-pink and then turning deep green and gold in autumn. It produces drooping clusters of green-white flowers.

How to propagate Chinese Mahogany


You can propagate by seeds in the autumn.


Root cuttings in the winter.

Special features of Chinese Mahogany

Attractive leaves

Other uses of Chinese Mahogany

Grown for their foliage, autumn colour and flowers.