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Plant Knowledge

Candide makes learning about plants easy and fun. Graze the selection of plants below and forage for useful information in our step-by-step guides, articles, plant information and videos.
Bog Plants
Browse our collection of plants that will prefer to grow in bog conditions.
False Goat's Beard image

False Goat's Beard

Bistort image


Bowles' Golden Sedge image

Bowles' Golden Sedge

Candelabra Primula image

Candelabra Primula

Chestnut-Leaved Rodgersia image

Chestnut-Leaved Rodgersia

Common Elder image

Common Elder

Climbers and Wall Plants – Top 20
Perfect to cover unsightly walls or to grow as shelter to seating areas; these will all create talking points.
Coniferous Trees
Looking for a Conifer type tree? browse our collection for inspiration.
Deciduous Trees
Deciduous (leaf dropping) trees often have amazing fall colour.
Some of the more common diseases our plants can suffer with and from.
Disorders and Deficiencies
Our precious plants can be effected by a range of problems.