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African Sage

Salvia africana-lutea

A photo of Bietou


Osteospermum moniliferum

A photo of bushveld gardenia

bushveld gardenia

Gardenia volkensii

A photo of Christmas Bride's Bush

Christmas Bride's Bush

Pavetta gardeniifolia

A photo of Coulter-Bush


Hymenolepis crithmifolia

A photo of Dwarf Coral Tree

Dwarf Coral Tree

Erythrina humeana

A photo of Forest Bell Bush

Forest Bell Bush

Mackaya bella

A photo of Gwari


Euclea crispa


Sclerochiton harveyanus

A photo of Curry bush

Curry bush

Hypericum revolutum

A photo of King Protea

King Protea

Protea cynaroides

A photo of Honey Flower

Honey Flower

Melianthus major

A photo of Cone Bushes

Cone Bushes

Leucadendron spp.

A photo of Leucospermum


Leucospermum spp.

A photo of Micky Mouse Bush

Micky Mouse Bush

Ochna serrulata

A photo of Natal Bauhinia

Natal Bauhinia

Bauhinia natalensis

A photo of Natal Plum

Natal Plum

Carissa macrocarpa

A photo of Ithethe


Polygala virgata

A photo of Blue Plumbago

Blue Plumbago

Plumbago auriculata

A photo of Pride Of De Kaap

Pride Of De Kaap

Bauhinia galpinii

A photo of Protea


Protea spp.


x Ruttyruspolia 'Phyllis van Heerden'

A photo of Pincushion


Leucospermum tottum

A photo of Cape Honeysuckle

Cape Honeysuckle

Tecoma capensis

A photo of Lebelebele


Searsia dentata

A photo of Coast Metalasia

Coast Metalasia

Metalasia muricata

A photo of Lion's Ear

Lion's Ear

Leonotis leonurus

A photo of Wild Pomegranate

Wild Pomegranate

Burchellia bubalina

A photo of Yellow Bauhinia

Yellow Bauhinia

Bauhinia tomentosa