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Indigenous Groundcovers | Bees

African Daisy

Arctotis auriculata

A photo of Baby Sun Rose

Baby Sun Rose

Mesembryanthemum cordifolium

A photo of Blue Daisy

Blue Daisy

Felicia amelloides

A photo of Bulbinella


Bulbine latifolia

A photo of Cape Agapanthus

Cape Agapanthus

Agapanthus africanus

A photo of Coast Arctotis

Coast Arctotis

Arctotis stoechadifolia

A photo of Creeping Foxglove

Creeping Foxglove

Asystasia gangetica

A photo of Darling Lampranthus

Darling Lampranthus

Lampranthus amoenus

A photo of Fairy Crassula

Fairy Crassula

Crassula multicava

A photo of Fairy Stars

Fairy Stars

Dyschoriste setigera

A photo of Cineraria


Cineraria saxifraga

A photo of Kidney-Leaved Pelargonium

Kidney-Leaved Pelargonium

Pelargonium reniforme

A photo of Carpet Geranium

Carpet Geranium

Geranium incanum

A photo of Purple Vygie

Purple Vygie

Lampranthus haworthii

Purple Vygie

Lampranthus hoerleinianus

A photo of Red-Stem Crassula

Red-Stem Crassula

Crassula rubricaulis

A photo of Rosy Dewplant

Rosy Dewplant

Lampranthus roseus

Silky Cotula

Cotula sericea

A photo of Smelly Spur Flower

Smelly Spur Flower

Coleus neochilus

Spatula-Leaf Crassula

Crassula spathulata

A photo of Terracotta Gazania

Terracotta Gazania

Gazania krebsiana

A photo of Bacopa


Chaenostoma cordatum

A photo of White Carpet

White Carpet

Falkia repens

Wood Iris

Dietes flavida