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A picture of a Honeybush


Cyclopia spp.

Also known as

Heuningbos (Afr)

Cyclopia meyeriana KirstenboshBotGard09292010A by User:BotBln (CC BY-SA 3.0)


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A photo of Honeybush
A photo of Honeybush

Honeybush Overview

Genus with around 20 shrubs that grow with an erect habit. This genus lies in the Fabaceae (Fabaceae) family of legumes, peas and beans. It produces yellow, pea-like flowers which emit an attractive honey scent, hence the common name honeybush. This genus may be harvested for the production of honeybush tea, both the leaves and flowers are used to create this. Some species are grown as ornamentals and are a good choice for park and garden planting.