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A picture of a Common Toadflax

Common Toadflax

Linaria vulgaris

Also known as

Bread And Butter, Brideweed, Bridewort, Butter And Eggs, Butter Haycocks, Continental Weed, Dragon Bushes, Eggs And Bacon, False Flax, Flaxweed, Gallweed, Gallwort, Imprudent Lawyer, Jacob's Ladder, Lion's Mouth, North American Ramsted, Rancid, Ransted, Wild Flax, Wild Snapdragon, Yellow Rod, Yellow Toadflax, Greater Butter-And-Eggs, Ramsted, Toadflax, Butter-and-eggs

Photo by Jonnoart (All rights reserved)

Full Sun
Easy care
Moderate watering
Frost Hardy


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size









  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

This plant has no fragrance

More images of Common Toadflax

A photo of Common Toadflax
A photo of Common Toadflax

Common Toadflax Overview

While most commonly found as a weed, toadflax is sometimes cultivated for cut flowers, which are long-lasting in the vase. Toadflax is a creeping perennial forb, with bright yellow and orange snap-dragon-like flowers. It can form dense populations, mainly through vegetative reproduction from root buds along underground rhizomes.This is responsible for the colony forming habit of the plant. It requires ample drainage, but is otherwise adaptable to a variety of conditions. In many areas it is a common naturalised weed of roadsides and poor soils. It is listed as an invasive species in several U.S. states and Canadian provinces as well as in Guateng, South Africa.

Common problems with Common Toadflax

Susceptible to aphids and powdery mildew.

How to harvest Common Toadflax

Flowers can be cut for the vase, they last well.

How to propagate Common Toadflax


Sow seed in spring.


Divide rhizomes in spring.

Special features of Common Toadflax

Attracts useful insects

Attracts bees

Other uses of Common Toadflax



Leaves and flowers have been used to make teas and ointments. It is confirmed to have diuretic and fever-reducing properties.

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