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Major Garden's Clivia

Clivia gardenii

Also known as

Natal Drooping Clivia

Full Shade
Moderate care
Light watering


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size









  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

This plant has no fragrance

Major Garden's Clivia Overview

Clivia gardenii is the subtle and delicately pretty sister to the well known Clivia miniata which has been in cultivation for many years and has the most robust leaves of all the species. They have smaller flowers than that of miniata but are red/orange with a green tip that fades as the flower matures. They are vigorous, hardy plants for shady areas of your garden. Once established, they readily produce offsets and will thus establish a good sized clump over time.

Common problems with Major Garden's Clivia

Aphids, Mealy bugs, Lily borers​, Red spider mite, Slugs and snails.

Major Garden's Clivia Companion Plants

How to harvest Major Garden's Clivia

Harvest seed from the berries when they turn red and sow immediately without allowing the seed to dry, just covering the seed. Seeds germinate in six to eight weeks.

How to propagate Major Garden's Clivia


The fleshy pulp is peeled off revealing the large, pearly round seed within and should be sown immediately in a deep seed-tray with seedling mix. Covered with a light layer of soil.


Clumps can be split up in late winter and replanted or bagged.


Wait at least 2 years until the suckers are well-rooted before removing and replanting.

Special features of Major Garden's Clivia

Pot plant

Requires a well drained humus-rich potting medium

Attractive leaves

Attractive fruits

Indoor plant

Attracts birds

Attractive flowers

Flowers are pale orange to brick-red, with green tips.

Other uses of Major Garden's Clivia




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