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A picture of a Larch


Larix spp.

Larix occidentalis 16822 by (talk) (CC BY 2.5)

Full Sun
Frost Hardy


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A photo of Larch
A photo of Larch
A photo of Larch
A photo of Larch
A photo of Larch

Larch Overview

Larix is a genus of 14 recognised species of deciduous coniferous trees in the Pinaceae family, commonly known as Larches. Originating from to cool temperate zones in the Northern Hemisphere. They have whorls of soft needle-shaped leaves and are cultivated as garden specimens for their good Autumn colour and the variety of cultivars available with diverse sizes and growth forms.

How to propagate Larch


Seed sown in autumn or spring (but forms selected for leaf colour do not come true).


Evergreen current growth cuttings in autumn to spring. Deciduous softwood cuttings in summer.

Coniferous Trees

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Abies spp.

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