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A picture of a Fan Palm

Fan Palm

Trithrinax spp.

Trithrinax acanthocoma kz4 by Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Full Sun
Moderate care
Light watering
Frost Hardy


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size







10 years to reach maturity


More images of Fan Palm

A Trithrinax palm tree with large green leaves
A photo of Fan Palm
A Trithrinax palm tree in the wild
A yellow fruiting Trithrinax palm tree with green leaves

Fan Palm Overview

Trithrinax is a small genus containing 3 spiny, flowering plants in the palm family, Arecaceae. They are native to South America, producing tough leaves in a fan shape, hence their common name Fan Palm. They are grown as ornamental specimens due to their striking architectural appearance, unusual spiny coat of dead foliage that remains wrapped around the trunk and their tolerance of many adverse environmental conditions. Foliage is large and fan-shaped and these plants typically have red-tinged shoots. Traditionally, the tough leaf fibres are used in textile-manufacturing and for handicrafts. Flowers range in colour from creamy-yellow to orange or white, they are in multiples of three and produced in dense clusters.

Special features of Fan Palm

Attractive leaves


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