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A picture of a Lespedeza


Lespedeza spp.

비수리 3 by Dalgial (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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    A photo of Lespedeza
    A photo of Lespedeza
    A photo of Lespedeza
    A photo of Lespedeza
    A photo of Lespedeza

    Lespedeza Overview

    A genus of annuals or perennials, or deciduous subshrubs and trailing vines in the Fabaceae (Fabaceae) family of legumes, peas and beans. It contains around 60 species. They are native to warm temperate and subtropical regions in parts of North America, Asia and Australasia. Members of this genus have trifoliate leaves and racemes of pea-like flowers. They are cultivated both as garden ornamentals and as forage crops.

    Other uses of Lespedeza

    These plants are sometimes grown as garden ornamentals but also used as forage crops in the southern USA, as well as to prevent soil erosion and to fix nitrogen.


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