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Common Violet Ground Beetle

Carabus violaceus

Common Violet Ground Beetle, Violet Ground Beetle

Violettjooksik, Carabus violaceus

by Veljo Runnel. CC BY-SA 4.0

A close up photo of Carabus violaceus a common violet ground beetle in leaf litter
Violet Ground Beetles are large, textured, metallic insects commonly seen in gardens, meadows and farmland habitats. The common violet beetle is one of two species in the UK, with the common beetle being more widely recognised by gardeners. These beetles can't fly, although they are excellent runners. Their long legs provide them acceleration to chase and hunt prey, which can vary from slugs to snails, leather jackets and more. It's not just the adults who can help keep garden pests at bay; the larvae are ferocious predators too.
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These beetles are predatory insects that will hunt the pests in your garden.
These insects are a resource for other wildlife and can provide beneficial ecosystem services.


These are very pretty beetles. They can grow up to 3cm big. The elytra (wingcases) are mainly black and oval-shaped, with fine thin indents and dimples running vertically down the length of the body. There's a metallic-purple rim that borders the elytra and thorax. Larvae lack wingcases and are highly segmented. They look similar to a Devil's Coach Horse beetle, but completely lacking the elytra. They are shiny black with tan-brown heads and can be anywhere between 0.5-2cm.


These insects are beneficial insects that can help control pest populations.











Europe and Japan.

Biological treatment

These insects can provide beneficial ecosystem services so it's not advised to remove them from the wider environment.




A close up of a slug Deroceras

Smooth Land Slug

Deroceras spp.

Marsh Crane Fly

Tipula oleracea

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