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Rock Garden | Area Specific

A photo of Yarrow


Achillea spp.

A photo of African Lily

African Lily

Agapanthus spp.

A photo of Agave


Agave spp.

A photo of Slime Lilies

Slime Lilies

Albuca spp.

Star of Persia

Allium cristophii

A photo of Aloe


Aloe spp.

A photo of Alkanet


Anchusa spp.

A photo of Columbine


Aquilegia spp.

A photo of Mountain Rock Cress

Mountain Rock Cress

Arabis caucasica

A photo of African daisy

African daisy

Arctotis spp.

A photo of Mugwort


Artemisia spp.

A photo of Baboon root

Baboon root

Babiana spp.

A photo of Baboon Flower

Baboon Flower

Babiana nervosa

A photo of Ruschia


Ruschia spp.

A photo of Golden Heads

Golden Heads

Chrysocoma coma-aurea

A photo of Blue Pride of Nieuwoudtville

Blue Pride of Nieuwoudtville

Geissorhiza splendidissima

A photo of True-Blue Daisy

True-Blue Daisy

Felicia heterophylla

A photo of Blue Satin Flower

Blue Satin Flower

Geissorhiza aspera

A photo of Blue Flax

Blue Flax

Heliophila coronopifolia

A photo of Blue Rock Bindweed

Blue Rock Bindweed

Convolvulus sabatius

A photo of Tritelia


Brodiaea spp.

A photo of Bulbine


Bulbine spp.

A photo of Bush Violet

Bush Violet

Barleria obtusa

A photo of September Bush

September Bush

Polygala myrtifolia

A photo of Calla Lily

Calla Lily

Zantedeschia spp.

A photo of Candelabra Flower

Candelabra Flower

Brunsvigia spp.

A photo of African daisy 'Pink Whirls'

African daisy 'Pink Whirls'

Osteospermum 'Pink Whirls'

A photo of Cape Honeysuckle

Cape Honeysuckle

Tecoma capensis

A photo of Carpet Geranium

Carpet Geranium

Geranium incanum

A photo of Pigface


Carpobrotus spp.

A photo of Century Plant

Century Plant

Boophone disticha

A photo of Cephalophyllum


Cephalophyllum spp.

A photo of Cypress


Chamaecyparis spp.

A photo of Christ's Thorn

Christ's Thorn

Euphorbia milii var. splendens

A photo of Christmas Berry

Christmas Berry

Chironia baccifera

A photo of Clivia


Clivia spp.

A photo of  Heuchera sanguinea

Heuchera sanguinea

Heuchera sanguinea

A photo of Corn Lily

Corn Lily

Ixia spp.

A photo of Water Buttons

Water Buttons

Cotula spp.

A photo of Cotyledon


Cotyledon spp.

A photo of Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Strelitzia reginae

A photo of Hardy Geranium

Hardy Geranium

Geranium spp.

A photo of Jade Plants

Jade Plants

Crassula spp.

A photo of Crassula subulata

Crassula subulata

Crassula subulata

A photo of Creeping Baby's Breath

Creeping Baby's Breath

Gypsophila repens

A photo of Montbretia


Crocosmia spp.

A photo of Waxweed


Cuphea spp.

A photo of Cycad


Encephalartos spp.

A photo of Fire lily

Fire lily

Cyrtanthus spp.

A photo of Desert Rose

Desert Rose

Adenium spp.

A photo of Twinspur


Diascia spp.

A photo of Dietes


Dietes spp.

A photo of African daisy

African daisy

Dimorphotheca spp.

A photo of Drosanthemum


Drosanthemum spp.

A photo of Heaths


Erica spp.

A photo of Blue daisy

Blue daisy

Felicia spp.

A photo of Flame Lily

Flame Lily

Gloriosa superba

A photo of Flaming Katy

Flaming Katy

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

A photo of Fleabane


Erigeron spp.

A photo of Floss Flower

Floss Flower

Ageratum houstonianum

A photo of Freesia


Freesia spp.

A photo of Garden Anemone

Garden Anemone

Anemone coronaria

A photo of Treasure Flower

Treasure Flower

Gazania spp.

A photo of Yellow Monopsis

Yellow Monopsis

Monopsis lutea

A photo of Barberton Daisy

Barberton Daisy

Gerbera jamesonii

A photo of Gladiolus cunonius

Gladiolus cunonius

Gladiolus cunonius

A photo of Azure Grape Hyacinth

Azure Grape Hyacinth

Muscari azureum

A photo of Matricaria


Oncosiphon grandiflorum

A photo of Heather


Calluna vulgaris

A photo of Hebe


Hebe spp.

A photo of Straw daisy

Straw daisy

Helichrysum spp.

A photo of Herringbone Cotoneaster

Herringbone Cotoneaster

Cotoneaster horizontalis

A photo of Guinea flower

Guinea flower

Hibbertia scandens

A photo of Senecio arenarius

Senecio arenarius

Senecio arenarius

A photo of Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells

Sandersonia aurantiaca

A photo of Karoo Lily

Karoo Lily

Ammocharis coranica

A photo of Sifunti


Xerophyta retinervis

A photo of Bulbinella


Bulbinella spp.

Wine Cups

Geissorhiza eurystigma

A photo of Red Crassula

Red Crassula

Crassula coccinea


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